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KLEEMANN does more than business as usual. We are driven by our dedication to our customers and produce the best lift solutions to fit their needs. High quality standards, tests on every step of the manufacturing procedure and exceptional customer support.
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KLEEMANN provides flexible product solutions featuring high quality and full customisation options, suitable for any building or construction. Choose from all the available types of passenger and freight lifts and upgrade your project.

Elevator Uses

Finding the product you are looking for is straightforward and simple. Filter your building use options and select the best lift solution.



Are you an installer?

We value the customer as we value our people. We share a passion for people and we constantly work to become better, thus improving our service and support to you.

building owner

Are you a building owner?

Find all the information you need and make the right choice! KLEEMANN global network of distributors ensures that your project will be completed in time and according to KLEEMANN quality standards.


Are you an architect?

At KLEEMANN, design goes beyond just a practical solution. We believe that great design can create an experience for the passenger, actively extending the purpose of a space.

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KLEEMANN Mission, Vision and Values

We are committed to our Vision

Having built a strong brand name in the sector, at KLEEMANN we retain a respected position among the best lift suppliers around the world. We constantly innovate, grow, develop and improve, staying in tune with our global character.


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