working at KLEEMANN

We grow and excel

because we place people at the heart of our corporate culture

working at KLEEMANN

Passion for people

We bond, we share and we create together making the KLEEMANN family an ongoing project for us all

Working at KLEEMANN

Start your career with KLEEMANN and discover a friendly, multinational environment that offers a range of development opportunities.

KLEEMANN offers a unique workplace culture, promoting professionalism alongside a fun, teamwork-oriented spirit.
We cultivate a culture of trust and respect in which people enjoy working together.

ΚLEEMANN is committed to acknowledging and valuing diversity, creativity and innovation.
We are looking for talented individuals who thrive on challenges and can drive the company’s success.
We expect our employees to share our passion for people, our most valuable asset.
Through our commitment to safety, we develop procedures that create secure and healthy conditions for our workforce.

We foster an environment that encourages all employees to contribute, grow, innovate and achieve breakthrough results.

Benefits, Wellness Programmes & Rewards

We offer a wide range of benefits. KLEEMANN provides:

  • Group Insurance Policy and Life Insurance
  • Infirmary
  • Fitness center and playroom
  • Employee discounts (HAPPY BENEFITS)
  • Company restaurant: subsidised meals
  • Sponsored personal development training programs
  • Transit benefits
  • Benefits and rewards vouchers
  • Employee Service Anniversary Awards
  • Innovative Ideas Awards
KLEEMANN benefits

Benefits of working at KLEEMANN

We support people by promoting a modern way of living, working and social action.

Our people recognise what makes KLEEMANN a unique place to work
and they share their views with us.

“For me KLEEMANN is like my second home! I consider my colleagues as my family. Working at Kleemann helped me develop myself, both professionally and personally. I can't imagine myself out of this company... I really feel that this is the best place to work!”

Eleni (9 years in KLEEMANN)

“KLEEMANN is a prestigious, well-organized and reliable multinational company which keeps on developing itself by developing its people. I feel I contribute to its development and I’m proud of this.”

Sotiris (4 years in KLEEMANN)

“KLEEMANN is an Always Growing company with Always Growing expectations. We are eager to set new goals expecting more and more breakthrough results. That's why it is so great to be a part of this team”.

Dimitra (4 years in KLEEMANN)


Human Resources

Our people are the key to our success

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Protecting the health and safety of all our employees and associates is a key and non-negotiable priority for us


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