KLEEMANN’s quadruple award at the Energy Mastering Awards 2022

energy mastering awards

The result of our participation in the Energy Mastering Awards 2022, the institution that awards and highlights the energy management and sustainability of companies, was impressive.

All 4 awards belong to an equal number of categories: One gold, in the category "Energy from Waste" for the development of a circular economy system with the aim of utilizing waste for the production of electricity, two silver, in the category "Energy Revolution - Efforts to Mitigating Climate Change” for its actions in reducing the carbon footprint that affects climate change, as well as in the category “Lighting Retrofit” for upgrading the lighting of factories with new technology lighting systems and a bronze in the category “Renewable Energy Implementation” for implementation of renewable energy solutions.

These awards prove in practice that we successfully meet the annual environmental goals we set according to our three axes of business operation: Energy and emissions, protection of natural resources and ecological product design, as well as efficient waste management. One more proof that we not only acknowledge our role in the global challenge of climate change, but we also operate aiming at continuously improving our environmental performance.


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