Breakthrough Culture

Breakthrough Culture

Exceptional people with endless opportunities. We exceed ourselves to achieve more as individuals and as part of the world around us.There is no limit to what we can achieve.


As part of our Breakthrough culture, we implement an integrated Training and Development Policy. Based on each one’s unique talents and needs, the personal coaching process gives all employees the opportunity to exceed themselves towards goals achievement, not just on a professional but on a personal level as well.

At KLEEMANN, we have a way of thinking that focuses on achieving. We give up on what and why it happened because it belongs to the past. We just create the right circumstances that will enable the “impossible”.

Through an extensive coaching process, we constantly change the way things ordinarily work and we overcome ourselves to produce extraordinary results. This is what keeps us moving and always growing.

Each year we set both personal and professional breakthrough goals and we 100% commit to them.

They are goals that we individually choose for our own development.  They are breakthrough because they do not have to do with what we are expected to achieve; they go beyond our field of expertise and by the time we set them, we do not know how and if we are going to succeed. But we are not afraid of failing. Because we know that the process itself makes us champions of our professional, personal and social lives.

KLEEMANN is promoting new ideas and is open to extraordinary people that want to share their fascination for breakthrough achievements. Those who want to become a part of this exciting team, may apply now for a job at KLEEMANN.

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We grow and excel

because we place people at the heart of our corporate culture

KLEEMANN Mission, Vision and Values

We are committed to our Vision

Having built a strong brand name in the sector, at KLEEMANN we retain a respected position among the best lift suppliers around the world. We constantly innovate, grow, develop and improve, staying in tune with our global character.


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