KLEEMANN Liftovi was established in Serbia during 2005, building on the growth in exports to the country, which had began in 1992. KLEEMANN Liftovi is defined by sustainable development that has witnessed rapid expansion from sales activity to the production of lifts. In 2012, KLEEMANN Liftovi started operating its manufacturing facilities. This investment, presence and commitment, combined with the experience of KLEEMANN in tailor-made lift solutions, strengthened its prominent market share throughout Serbia, delivering bespoke lift solutions in prestigious locations.

The dedicated KLEEMANN Liftovi team supports all customers from concept to creation, approaching each project with the KLEEMANN dedication to innovation, personalisation, quality and value.

As a leading lift company in Serbia and the surrounding area, KLEEMANN Liftovi provides an unrivaled array of advantages, including an extensive product range and fully customised lift solutions along with a comprehensive collection of spare parts and components.
The company is renowned for fast delivery times, exceptional customer service and dedicated after sales support.

Renowned for state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional customer service, KLEEMANN retains its prominence as one of the leading lift manufacturers. KLEEMANN’s extensive product range includes hydraulic and traction Complete Lift Systems, freight lifts, residential lifts, anti-vandal lifts, firefighting lifts, earthquake resistant lifts, stair lifts for people with reduced mobility, escalators and moving walkways, dumbwaiters, car lifts and parking systems, green lifts and marine solutions.

Golubinačka b.b, Šimanovci Beograd
22310 Belgrade