Company Facilities

Being a supplier to the global construction sector, KLEEMANN identifies itself the need for lean and efficient completion of each project.

In order to stand for its promise to the customer for quick delivery times and flexible service, KLEEMANN has established manufacturing facilities in strategic positions around the world, thus eliminating costs and time overruns.

KLEEMANN today owns manufacturing facilities in Greece, Serbia and China and two assembly lines in Turkey and Russia. KLEEMANN's Head Offices are located in Kilkis, Greece where its main production activity operates, to provide Complete Lifts Systems. The premises include offices, production facilities, one 61-meter testing tower and logistics centre. The buildings and total land in Kilkis cover an area of 100,000 sqm. and 180,000 sqm. respectively, while the Group's total buildings and land reach 140,000 sqm and ​​255,000 sqm., respectively. KLEEMANN has been investing on developing a lean production scheme and a grid of systems to both optimise procedures and create a efficient and safe working environment.