It all began

in 1983 when KLEEMANN HELLAS SA was established following a transfer of knowledge from German company KLEEMANN HUBTECHNIK GmbH.


KLEEMANN is one of the major lift companies in the global market. Having developed massive experience in the field since 1983, KLEEMANN has continued to build knowledge and implement strategies that drive towards development and technology whilst ensuring quality, reliability and safety.

Thanks to this continuous growth, credibility, innovative special design and flexible service, KLEEMANN has earned the market’s preference. Today, KLEEMANN is internationally renowned and keeps expanding its share in the global market.



KLEEMANN Hellas SA was established in 1983 in Greece, signing a contract for transfer of "Know-How" from the German company KLEEMANN HUBTECHNIK GmbH.


Kleemann History


The first manufacturing plants were completed in 1985, in the Industrial Area of Kilkis, covering an area of 3.000 sqm.

Kleemann History


The production activity began in 1986 with the manufacture of complete hydraulic sets. Introducing the complete hydraulic solution to the Greek market, was a breakthrough choice that proved successful in the following years, gradually turning  KLEEMANN into a local market leader.

Kleemann History


KLEFER, established in 1999 as a collaborative venture between KLEEMANN and the Spanish company TECNOLAMA-FERMATOR, has been manufacturing automatic, semi-automatic and bus door for lifts.

During the same year, KLEEMANN did the initial Public Offering of its shares in the Athens Stock Exchange.

Kleemann History


KLEEMANN Asansör was established in Istanbul in 2001, having developed a strong presence in Turkey since 1988. As the first KLEEMANN company to be founded abroad, KLEEMANN Asansör has continued to build on steady growth to currently hold a substantial market share in Turkey.

Kleemann Asansor


In 2001, on an area of 1.500 sqm., an Electronics & Automation manufacturing plant began producing controllers, plug & play electrical wiring and car & landing operating panels.

Kleemann History


In 2002, KLEEMANN began operating the Cabins & Machine Roomless Lifts manufacturing plant in the Industrial Area of Kilkis. The factory covers a 10.300 sqm. area.

Kleemann History


A Logistics centre was constructed in Athens, in 2004, to further improve the delivery procedure and response times to the central and southern Greece. The premises cover 3.600 sqm.

Kleemann History


Building on the growth in exports to the country that had began in 1992, KLEEMANN Liftovi was established in Belgrade, Serbia in 2005. In 2012, the company started operating its own manufacturing facilities.

Kleemann Liftovi Serbia


KLEEMANN began exporting to Romania in 1996, establishing KLEEMANN LiftRo in November 2006. Taking into account the local market needs, KLEEMANN LiftRo specialises in both major projects and modernisation solutions that integrate complete lift systems with innovative design.

Kleemann Romania Subsidiary


The KLEEMANN Testing Tower in the Industrial Area of Kilkis was completed in 2010 to serve the Group's expansion strategy globally. The tower offers testing capability for high speed elevators catching a 5m/sec speed. With 18 floors and 4 testing shafts, the tower reaches a height of 61 m.

Kleemann History


KLEEMANN China, was established in Kunshan, in 2011, within the context of the company's long track of development and brand expansion and in order to ameliorate its services to China, the Far East and the Pacific. Recognising the need for local production, KLEEMANN expanded its manufacturing footprint by investing on specialised facilities in Kunshan, through which the company provides the local markets with Complete Lift Systems.

Kleemann History


KLEEMANN has been exporting to the UK for over 20 years, establishing KLEEMANN Lifts UK in 2011 to support the rapid expansion of the local customer network. KLEEMANN Lifts UK is defined by its philosophy of working closely with architects and engineers to deliver prestigious projects that are driven by innovation. The facilities include a spare parts and components warehouse to enable the fast and efficient fulfillment of every customer need regarding either new installation projects or renovation ones.

Kleemann History


KLEEMANN has an active local presence as KLEEMANN Australia since 2015, already exporting to the country since 2000. KLEEMANN Australia specialises in both residential and commercial lifts, fulfilling demand for tailor-made projects in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory.

Kleemann History


KLEEMANN began exporting to Germany in 2000 and a commercial office was established in 2010 to serve the expanding market. In 2015, the need for complete local support led the company to invest into the formation of KLEEMANN Aufzuge, in Krefeld.

Kleemann History


KLEEMANN has been exporting to France since 1995 having local presence in Paris from 2014. KLEEMANN Ascenseurs was established in 2017 in order to further improve the service offered to the local customers and to strengthen its position in the market.

Kleemann France


Construction completion of the 100-meter KLEEMANN test tower in Kunshan, China. The 19,300 sqm. facilities also include an office building as well as integrated production facilities and warehouses.

Kleemann China


In 2020, KLEEMANN took another significant step by establishing Εlevate SA, a new venture that gradually incorporated a range of reputable and experienced lift installation brands in Greece. The strategic positioning of Elevate in four pivotal geographical locations across Greece - Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, and Igoumenitsa - marked a significant milestone in the company’s presence in the Greek market, where it all started. With its far-reaching network and comprehensive service offerings, the group caters to diverse customer needs across the country, ensuring an efficient approach to delivering exceptional lift solutions throughout Greece.



As the lift industry in the UK has gone through a phase of consolidation, and responding to a growing market need for 360° solutions at competitive prices, KLEEMANN decided to proceed to a business model that would sustain growth in the local market. In this context, KLEEMANN Group has consolidated its position by acquiring four local companies, Guideline Lifts, LiftSource, Focus Lifts and Hoistway, and forming KLEEMANN UK Group to meet the needs for better, faster and more flexible services in the UK lift market.



In 2021, KLEEMANN announced its alliance with DAY Elevator & Lift, a supplier of quality accessibility products, commercial and residential elevators, serving the areas of New York and New Jersey. The alliance of Day Elevator & Lift and KLEEMANN unites the two companies’ shared vision of growth through a people-centric approach and evolution through a breakthrough culture that aims to support the modern mobility needs of people.



In pursuit of its continued global expansion, KLEEMANN took another significant step in 2022 by establishing KLEEMANN Belgium in Aalst, Belgium. This strategic move bolstered KLEEMANN’s presence in Central Europe. With the establishment of KLEEMANN Belgium, the company enhanced its accessibility and responsiveness, further cementing its commitment to delivering top-quality lift solutions to the Central European market.



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