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We manufacture lifts inspired by human needs. We offer pre-engineered or fully customised solutions that fit any-scale project around the world. KLEEMANN lifts are about a whole new vertical mobility experience.


Always in motion

To expand means to continuously learn and transform, staying alert and attentive to the market’s trends; to turn every opportunity into a learning experience. It is this inherent trait that brings KLEEMANN to its growth.


Having been established in 1983 in Kilkis, Greece, KLEEMANN is one of the most important lift manufacturers in the European and global markets, offering any kind of lift for residential and commercial use, for persons or freight, as well as lifting systems, escalators and moving walks, marine lifts, and other lifts of special requirements.


The Group is established in the global market, with its international sales corresponding to over 90% of its total turnover. Its sales network operates in over 100 countries, with local commercial presence in important markets including the UK, France, Germany, Australia, USA, and with local production facilities in Greece as well as in Serbia and China.


KLEEMANN stands out for its widest product range in the world, high quality and control standards, world class design, for the special solutions it provides and for its record fast delivery for standard products. Over time, it has invested in its state-of-the-art testing towers, in its products’ innovation by integrating IoT and energy saving technologies, in production’s automation and in processes’ digitalization. KLEEMANN has been also investing in constructing and maintaining an outstanding working environment, having obtained numerous Health & Safety and Great Place to Work awards, in coaching and in customer service.


The company has undertaken prestigious projects around the world, from the Keflavik international airport in Iceland, to projects on oil rigs in Norway, from the world’s largest desalination plant in Saudi Arabia, to the Mary Rose museum in the UK and to the Ferrari and Maserati exhibition center in Sydney.


KLEEMANN lifts have been installed in public and private buildings all around the world, in office buildings, in airports, stadiums, shopping centers, theatres, industrial facilities, cruise ships.

Guided by its values, safety, trust, passion for people and breakthrough culture, the Group achieves steady growth. During its many years of business operation, KLEEMANN has been distinguished both for the reliability, safety, and quality of its products, as well as for its business strategy that is based on a people-centric and customer-centric culture.




We support you 24/7 wherever you are

To actively stand by our customers, is our passion. Everything is possible with the right people to support you.

Quality Assurance

100% Quality Control

We control every step of the production procedure. Our unique control system safeguards the quality of our products and keeps efficiency and innovation in high levels.

KLEEMANN products


KLEEMANN provides flexible product solutions featuring high quality and full customisation options, suitable for any building or construction. Choose from all the available types of passenger and freight lifts and upgrade your project.

υπηρεσίες design

World Class Design

We have a passion to design products that combine class and functionality. We design products and experiences, investing on original design and out of the box thinking.

Work with us

Work with us

Our employees enjoy benefits, wellness programmes, rewards and more


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