Health and Safety

Health and Safety

We are committed to promoting, creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and to improving all aspects of the working environment of our employees.

Health and Safety

KLEEMANN prioritises the health and safety of all its employees, subcontractors and customers in every aspect of its activity. A certified Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001) is applied since 2012, reflecting KLEEMANN’s integrated management framework for health and safety issues.

Health and Safety Committee

A Health and Safety Committee has been established to oversee production facilities and support the Health and Safety Management System. Employees are encouraged to actively participate in this programme, which aims to engage employees in the management of health and safety issues. The health and safety groups work voluntarily in every production unit, and their goal is to identify, track and eliminate potential hazards.

Raising awareness through education

KLEEMANN recognises the importance of raising awareness of health and safety issues amongst its employees. To this end, KLEEMANN invests in training and seminars that are tailored to the needs of its employees and based on the results of health and safety inspections.

In addition, all KLEEMANN employees are trained to successfully deal with emergency situations.

Seminars that has been organised so far include:

  • evacuation and first aid training
  • firefighting equipment training (supervised by the Fire Brigade, Health and Safety personnel and with the participation of all those involved in fire safety within the premises)
  • CPR training

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