We have a customer-centric philosophy, aiming for the gold standard – to deliver products of the best quality with fast, first-rate service at every stage.


Focus on the customer

At KLEEMANN, our customers are the focus of our activities. We have adopted flexible procedures to maximise customer satisfaction whilst remaining faithful to our core values: innovation and customer experience. KLEEMANN is committed to providing high quality products, flexible customer service and ongoing technical support. For this reason, we provide technical support seminars for the technical personnel of our customers, training them in the installation, operation and maintenance of our lifts, both in theory and practice. We also arrange specialist seminars on safety regulations and informative sessions on international developments within the industry. More specifically, KLEEMANN:

  • organises customer training seminars six times per year in order to transfer its know-how.
  • raises awareness and integrates guidelines to improve services for those with disability or special needs.
  • invests in research to anticipate developments within the industry.
  • organises surveys to better understand customer needs.

Exceptional quality

High product quality stems from and is integral to KLEEMANN’s Strategy and Quality Policy. We carry out systematic and effective quality controls at all stages of the production process using the appropriate means. In collaboration with our highly trained staff, we respond directly to the demands of our customers. We apply a Quality Assurance Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and a Customer Satisfaction Complaints Management System based on ISO 10002:2004. Quality control is carried out at all stages of production in order to maintain 100% quality control of the lift’s components and subsystems.

The quality of our products and the safety of our customers, installers and end-users are a priority for KLEEMANN. All products are certified with CE marking and the relevant examination certificates. KLEEMANN adheres to the European safety standards ΕΝ 81-1 and ΕΝ 81-2 for the construction of passenger and freight lifts. Since September 2017, the safety standards for lifts have been replaced with EN 81-20 which defines the technical requirements for the construction of lifts, and EN 81-50 which defines regulations regarding the design, specifications and testing of lift components.

Marketplace Exceptional QualityKLEEMANN invests in the research and development of its products and services, remaining committed to constant growth through innovation. We liaise with higher educational institutions to promote good practices, stay informed about innovative projects and exchange important knowledge with the next generations.

The educational institutions KLEEMANN cooperates with, include:

  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Democritus University of Thrace
  • University of Western Macedonia
  • Technological Educational Institute of Lamia

Suppliers – Relationships of trust and cooperation

KLEEMANN accepts raw materials of the highest quality and our procurement management follows a specific process, ensuring transparency and objectivity. We choose our suppliers carefully and our long-term collaboration with them is crucial to success. By fostering dialogue with our partners, we establish strong relationships, we identify our needs, and we operate within the market with respect, transparency, consistency and fairness.

Networks and organisations

KLEEMANN prides itself in having an active presence within national and international networks, as well as in various associations within the industry. Through these networks, KLEEMANN engages with industry specialists to promote technological innovation regarding the safety of lifts and lift components, as well as energy savings.

Corporate Governance

KLEEMANN has adopted a set of principles and good practices to ensure quality of performance and the best interests of shareholders.

We promote best-in-class practices within corporate governance whilst following precautionary measures. We maintain compliance with statutory rules and regulations and applicable corporate governance requirements. KLEEMANN has voluntarily adopted the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code, developed by the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council (HCG Council), with all discrepancies reported in the Annual Financial Statement of the company.

All shareholders are accurately informed through an internal Corporate Governance System which includes management bodies with clear responsibilities, an effective control system and risk management.


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