We carry out initiatives and engage in social contribution activities that contribute to the sustainable growth of the society.


KLEEMANN, from the early beginning of its operations, emphasizes in building and maintaining relationships of trust, solidarity and mutual respect with local communities. Through the implementation of a variety of initiatives, we invest, support and cooperate with all stakeholders, mostly from the wider areas of Kilkis and Thessaloniki that the majority of our employees reside.


Kleemann Actions

Social initiatives

KLEEMANN implements various social initiatives which are presented below and include some of the most significant activities we have undertaken in past years, as well as in 2016.

Partnership with Non-Profit Organisations

KLEEMANN helps to support society through assisting vulnerable social groups, for example, providing immediate emergency response to victims of fires in Greece and earthquakes in Asia.

The collaboration and response of our company to the needs of local communities has proved to have substantial impact. A typical example is the long term collaboration with the Social Support Center for people with disabilities, in Kilkis. KLEEMANN supported the participation of the Center’s children in the Paralympic Games by donating money for the purchase of gym equipment.

Nonprofit organisations that KLEEMANN supports, include:

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • ‘Ippokratis’ – Association of Patients with Heart Disease
  • Make a Wish
  • SOS Children’s Village
  • Association of the Blind
  • Greek Cancer Society
  • Department of Obstetrics and the Paediatric Unit at the hospital of Kilkis
  • Melissa orphanage

KLEEMANN also implemented a number of initiatives in 2016 to support vulnerable social groups by:

  • purchasing food supplies for the Social Solidarity Network (2016).
  • supporting the Social Support Center of Kilkis.
  • purchasing a specialist wheelchair for an individual with mobility needs.
  • purchasing household equipment for the Church of Neapoli in Thessaloniki.
  • donating to refugee camps.
  • donating food to the summer camp of the Greek Guiding Association.
  • sponsoring the non-governmental organisation ‘Make a Wish’.

Case Study: Donation of 25 bikes to the children of ‘The Smile of the Child’

In November 2016, the annual meeting of the General Managers and executives of all KLEEMANN companies from 15 countries was held in Thessaloniki. During the summit, a social initiative was implemented to embrace and value diversity and cooperation. Directors and executives from Greece and abroad in groups assembled 25 bikes, that were presented to 25 children, who reside at the ‘Smile of the Child’ community home.


KLEEMANN supports initiatives that create opportunities for the development and training of every individual, regardless of their age, social status, ethnicity or level of education. It also organises personal development training programmes to help employees to cope with the challenges in their everyday lives.

KLEEMANN initiatives include:

  • Internship programmes for students attending higher education institutions.
  • Participation in programmes to develop bonds between educational institutions and the industry (e.g. career days).
  • Student visits and tours at the premises of the company in order to get them acquainted with KLEEMANN’s business activities and production processes.
  • Sponsorship of competitions that promote innovation in students and employees.
  • Donation of computers to local educational institutions.
  • Sponsorship of the First Lego League- Educational Robotics, Research and Innovation Competition held in Greece.

Case study: Training programme for the safe use of lifts and escalators

Under the Health and Safety Policy, KLEEMANN has launched a training programme for primary and secondary school children for the safe use of lifts and escalators. In 2012, KLEEMANN launched informative seminars for primary schools in the prefectures of Kilkis and Thessaloniki. In total, 400 children, aged 6 to 12 years old have been trained, participating in 40 minute seminars held by company employees. Prior to the school visits, the volunteer employees are trained by the Human Resources Department. At the end of the training programme the students receive a training certificate with their learning outcomes, which include basic rules for the safe use of lifts and escalators.

The aims of the training programme are:

  • to reduce the sense of fear in children when using lifts, escalators and moving walkways.
  • to develop a culture of accident prevention.
  • to inform and raise awareness of parents and teachers about the operation and safety of lifts.

Science – Culture

KLEEMANN supports organisations and institutions that promote science and cultural heritage, such as:

  • The Friends of Mount Athos
  • The Music club of Bafra, Turkey
  • The Greek – Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (sponsorship of a painting exhibition)
  • The Cultural Association of Polykastro and the Association of Constantinopolitans
  • Thriasia 2007 (sponsorship)
  • The Cultural Associations of Chorigio, M. Vrisi, Drosato and Kilkis
  • The Lyceum Club of Greek Women in Kilkis
  • The Union of Pontians in Kilkis


KLEEMANN recognises the value of health and we actively support people in need, either directly or by supporting the iniciatives of private or public organisations. During 2016, KLEEMANN supported:

  • ‘Protipa Ekpedeftiria’ primary school by donating a defibrillator and sponsoring first aid training for the school’s staff.
  • The Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer – ‘Alma Zois’, sponsoring the campaign ‘Sail for Pink’.
  • ‘Aelia’, an association supporting poverty-stricken women with breast cancer.
  • ‘Storgi’, the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer.
  • ‘Thermaides’, the association that supports the Pediatric Heart Surgery clinic at AHEPA University Hospital.

Voluntarily Blood donation

Every year, at the company’s premises a voluntary blood donation is held. KLEEMANN retains a blood bank, in order to be donated to people in need. In 2015, 36 employees donated blood; 36 bottles were collected in total and 21 bottles were donated to people who needed blood. In 2016, 34 employees participated and 36 bottles were donated in total.


Part of our environmental awareness policy, which works towards sustainable management of natural resources, KLEEMANN sponsored a workshop organised by the nonprofit organisation ECOTHESS and held in Thessaloniki, on May, 2016. The workshop was created to regenerate a green space in the centre of Thessaloniki, to contribute to the city’s sustainable development and to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Thirty young engineers and architects volunteered to work on the design and implementation of the project. The volunteers created an environmentally ‘smart’ park for the city of Thessaloniki, using new technologies and recycled materials.


KLEEMANN actively supports sports and sponsors many athletic associations. We aim to promote sports and to raise awareness in young people, encouraging them to maintain an active, healthy and sociable lifestyle.

In 2016, KLEEMANN sponsored the following sports associations:

  • The N. Agioneri Association
  • The Mandra Association
  • The Corpus Sports and Cultural Association
  • The TAE KWON DO Sports Association
  • Various sports associations in the wider area of Kilkis
  • The Municipal Sports Centre in Kilkis
  • The ‘Megas Alexandros’ marathon with the participation of KLEEMANN employees

Additional social initiatives

KLEEMANN supports public authorities such as the Police and the Fire Department, by supplying necessary office utilities or equipment, contributing to the facilitation of their everyday duties.

In addition, we support the industry associations that are directly linked to our business activity.

In 2016, KLEEMANN:

  • supported the organisation of an event for the Lift Installers Association of Northern Greece.
  • sponsored the Panhellenic Federation of Elevator Manufacturers, Installation and Maintenance Experts (POVESA).


The participation of our employees in social initiatives and projects is emphasized by the management of KLEEMANN. We believe that volunteering represents the greatest form of solidarity and support to those in need. To this purpose, KLEEMANN has developed a policy to actively promote opportunities for volunteering and to encourage its employees to get involved.

Part of the policy is the implementation of initiatives that allow employees to volunteer during their working and personal time. The aim of the policy is to enable employees to offer their help and to create strong bonds with local communities.

The benefits of KLEEMANN’s policy include:

  • building relationships of trust and mutual appreciation between employees and the company.
  • developing organisational and managerial skills through teamwork.
  • enhancing relationships between colleagues.
  • raising awareness of social needs through the interaction of employees with vulnerable social groups.

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