Elevator Air Purifier

Elevator Air Purifier

A solution for pure uncontaminated air in the cabin,
clean of bacteria & viruses

Elevator Air Purifier

Controlling the cabin environment and protecting health


With safety at the core of its values, KLEEMANN presents an innovative series of solutions that safeguard the hygiene in the cabin and protect the passenger at all times.
The Elevator Air Purifier is a two phase technology that uses molecular materials and UV light to totally disinfect the cabin for clean, uncontaminated air. The Air Purifier utilizes technology and engineering to offer a safe and protective environment in the cabin interior.

  • 99% killing rate of bacteria
  • 99,76% influenza virus removal rate
  • UV catalyst sterilization
 Elevator Air Purifier how it works


Two phase disinfection and purification function

Phase 1

The air gets disinfected through GERMAGICTM, a powerful and effective molecular material, awarded with the Inventions Geneva 2018 Gold Medal.

Phase 2

During the second phase, the air is directed to a wholly-enclosed UV photo catalyst bacteriakilling technology device that permits no UV leakage and has a killing rate of virus and bacteria that exceeds 99%. Disinfection in depth can reduce transmission of droplets without any side effects on the human body.



  • Two-phase disinfection and purifcation function
  • Powerful sterilization & disinfection
  • Low noise level
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Motion sensor activated operation
  • Energy-saving & high efciency
  • Suitable for both existing and new installations as well as for modernization projects.

Ideal for

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial & public buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals


Technical Characteristics

Circulating air volume 60m3 /h @0Pa
Disinfection bacteria-killing technology GERMAGICTM slow-released molecules + wholly-enclosed UV photo catalyst
Noise 45dB (A) @1m
Rated voltage of adaptor 220V 50/60Hz
Max operation current 1.2A (24V DC)
Voltage adaptor output 24V DC
Rated power 15W
Standby power 3W
Maintenance requirement Top maintenance of filter
GERMAGICTM slow release molecular filter replacement 90 days
UV photo catalyst replacement 360 days
External dimension (width × height × thickness) 300*150*66mm
Net weight 1.5kg


Air Purification

Download Elevator Air Purifier Brochure


Nothing in this document shall be construed as a representation made or warranty of any kind, express or implied, given by KLEEMANN as to the reduction of bacteria.

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