Employees’ Benefits

Employees’ benefits

We support people by promoting a modern way of living, working and social action.

Employees’ benefits

At KLEEMANN, people are the heart of our philosophy. Therefore, the working benefits we offer underline the importance of a quality life.

Every employee’s career path, personal development, health, and social reality is being recognized and strongly supported:


  • by private health and life insurance
  • by special benefits that support employees inside and outside of the company
  • by important rewards on great results of personal development -of employees and their family members

Afterall, at KLEEMANN, we are a family.


We support every team member, daily, even after retirement, in multiple ways.

An employee’s family becomes our own, at national holidays and important events as well as via private health insurance and awards for excellence.

We reward our long-term employees annually, as well as the people that are heading to retirement.

We honor professional growth, new ideas and excellent results in productivity, while we sponsor coaching, training programs and educational courses.


We take care of the physical and mental health of all KLEEMANN employees, by offering modern gym facilities and a playroom, located at our headquarters.


Explore the complete list of employees’ benefits at KLEEMANN, at the chart below.

  • Christmas & Easter vouchers
  • Vouchers for plant workers upon breakthrough result achievement
  • Subsidized meals at the company's restaurant
  • Rewards to employees’ children for entering Higher/Technological Education Institutes and for outstanding student achievement in High School/Senior High School
  • Internship opportunities for employees’ children
  • Christmas celebration for employees' children
  • Gifts for newborns/weddings/new ideas/long-time service
  • Blood bank
  • Equipped Infirmary
  • Additional medical and hospital coverage & Life Insurance
  • Coverage of medical and hospital insurance for the 1st year of employees' newborns
  • Transportation of employees with company buses
  • Playroom & Gym inside the premises
  • Coaching programs across all company levels
  • Special rates on premium mobile phone packages for employees and their families
  • Various corporate events and celebrations

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