At KLEEMANN we are happy to present you with our new, online platform, KLEEMANN Academy.


KLEEMANN Academy is an online education platform for lift technicians, designed to offer them the education they need on KLEEMANN lifts, remotely.

The format

Webinars, presentations and video tutorials provide valuable insight into the how-to of KLEEMANN lifts -without physical presence needed and on a self-paced session schedule, anytime, anywhere.

Getting the knowledge, remotely

With emphasis given on a user-friendly experience and an easy to understand content, the KLEEMANN Academy is a great new asset, available to all KLEEMANN customers.

Via the online platform, the technicians get access to:

  • Live webinars
  • Educational material
  • Live events on product installation
  • Self-paced lessons
  • Downloadable lessons
  • Email notifications concerning new material
  • Course-plan on new techniques
  • Plan on advanced techniques
  • Limited period accounts for your subcontrators
  • Customized lessons’ planning according to your team’s needs
  • KLEEMANN certification after the completion of each lesson
  • A 360° report system on each team member’s progress

Lessons leading to a certificate, also offer:

  • One on One training and Live support for your questions
  • Alert messages informing you of a lesson’s update
  • Personal Assignments to boost your knowledge and help you get the certificate*

*The tests for all lessons leading to a certificate are of a higher difficulty level (a 65% grade is needed to pass)

Flexibility is the key

At KLEEMANN, we value flexibility. This is why investing in online education is a natural step forward. Remaining committed to our “forward thinking” today, translates to constantly presenting the KLEEMANN collaborators with smart, flexible “tools” that make their daily work, easier.

For more information on the technical educational depth opportunities offered by KLEEMANN Academy to you and your team, contact us at: academy@kleemannlifts.com


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Terms of Use
Terms of Use