Your fast and effortless online ordering system for spare parts.


KLEEMANN E-shop is the most convenient way to order the spare parts you need.

Designed to make the ordering process easier, faster than ever and available to you at all hours, KLEEMANN E-shop is a modern ally to your daily work.

Via a user-friendly environment, with an easy navigation-feel and a well-laid out ordering process, the placement of your spare parts’ order is not only more convenient but also full of advantages.

By accessing KLEEMANN E-shop, you enjoy multiple benefits:

  • Special discount on your spare parts’ orders
  • A priority in dispatch
  • The convenience of ordering the spare parts you need 24/7


Furthermore, KLEEMANN E-shop is a gate to useful information: it gathers your previous orders’ info, as well as product details, in one place.

Via KLEEMANN E-shop you can:

  • View the status of your orders
  • View the history of previous orders
  • Place requests for parts that are not available through KL order and the KL catalogue
  • Explore your quotations


Explore the step-by-step video tutorials we have created and discover an effortless and full of advantages way of placing your spare parts’ orders.






Explore the simple and easy steps to order online


Hοw to order spare parts from a specific order

How to order spare parts from the KLEEMANN Spare Parts Catalogue

How to order spare parts under Warranty from KLEEMANN E-shop

Useful tips for the KLEEMANN E-shop orders


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