Αn IoT system that collects, transmits, analyses data and provides insights for your lifts in real time.


KLEEMANN Live is a smart platform that has been developed to offer numerous opportunities to the maintainer.

A tool that collects data from your lifts in real time and displays it on a platform you can control from your laptop, smart phone (Android & IOS) or tablet. It keeps you linked 24/7 so you can have access to your lifts’ status remotely any time, offering peace of mind for your customers.

Benefits for the maintainer:

Save time & money

  • Maintenance crew is informed before visit - Having identified the issue brings the correct spare parts and tools
  • Less travel expenses - less personnel - Support more contacts with the same number of technicians

Grow your business

  • Expand and support more contracts with the same number of technicians. Rational use of technical personnel - Senior engineer guides site engineers through IoT
  • Reduce the number of call outs - Proactive Identification of the faults 

Power up your performance

  • Extend equipment lifetime doing proactive identification and on time replacements and repairs
  • Reduce down-time from unexpected problems - Cut down and minimize disruptions 

Benefits for end users: 

A stress free user experience

  • The elevator is being monitored 24/7 - customers enjoy a feeling of safety and peace of mind
  • Less waiting time on time repairs
  • The equipment lifetime is extended

  • Less Carbon Dioxide footprint

Now things go LIVE!



THE KLEEMANN Live Platform includes


Remote Access to All Connected Lifts

The platform user can have an overview of all connected elevators in either map view or a list that contains useful information about each of them. A quick overview is also provided, while the status of each elevator can be easily identified by the corresponding pin colors.




Configurable Statistics, Graphs and Widgets

Navigating through the dashboard page, the platform user has access to numerous statistics, widgets and various metrics about the elevators, either separately or in total. The default dashboard can be changed and personalized with new compilations of widgets, graphs or pie charts, such as information about the operational status in a defined period of time, duty cycle, downtime, error source distribution, average error recovery time, etc.



The system provides a full list of all rides executed by each elevator. This information is displayed in both table format and a chart providing the user with detailed insight into each
movement conducted by their units and also with the opportunity to shape “the big picture” of each installation.

View and Editing of the System’s Parameters

Through the KLEEMANN Live platform, the user may easily view all system parameters in real time and can access all past parameter logs. Some of the parameters of GENIUS20 or the Autodialer can be edited remotely via the KLEEMANN Live platform, i.e., the door times on GENIUS20 or the emergency call numbers set in the Autodialer. However, these editable parameters do not affect any critical function of the elevator and are mostly related to its fine-tuning.

Τhe platform user can also compare the controller’s parameters between two different timestamps and view only the ones that have been modified in the meantime. This kind of information can greatly facilitate preparation before an on-site visit, while it can also assist an experienced technician trying to identify the source of a certain malfunction.


Live Status

This menu represents an overview of the installation in real time, displaying the live movement of the elevator and providing information regarding the most critical controller signals. Additionally, in a coordinated manner and while ensuring all safety issues, the platform user may also issue landing and car calls to the elevator, as well as send specific commands. This menu is a toolset for the qualified technician, who is allowed to remotely access all information that the controller’s hand terminal would offer while ensuring the required security level.




Elevator Messages

Also available in the platform is a complete list of all errors and log events of GENIUS20. For each registered error, the user can access thorough and detailed information including elevator status and critical controller signals at the time the error was issued.


Maintenance Control

Finally, platform users may also navigate to the corresponding calendar menu to create or edit events and assign tasks to technicians, as well as organize upcoming on-site visits.

As cities are getting smarter, elevators with IoT technology will play a key part in the quality of urban mobility. And with real-time information working for the improvement of maintenance, service and usage, a new era has begun for the sector of elevators.


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