Anti-Vandal Lifts

Anti Vandal Protection

Elevators in public places are often subject of abuse and attempts are often made to damage both their interior (COPs, Mirror, etc.) and their exterior (landing doors, LOPs etc.).

Anti-Vandal lifts are designed according to EN 81.71 and are a practical solution for stadiums, hospitals, railway stations etc., withstanding heavy use and abuse because of the vandal resistant materials utilised (car, COPs, LOPs and doors).

An anti-vandal lift reduces the number of incidents and costs to repair damage compared to a standard lift solution.

To help eliminate any damage caused to lifts in unsupervised settings, we offer a complete product which adhere to Cat 1 and Cat 2 of EN 81.71. We only use state-of- the-art technology, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional ride quality with this special, robust lift solution.