Destination Control System


The Destination Control System is an additional system which increases the efficiency of the lift operation and reduces waiting times. It is mainly applicable in large buildings with an increased number of lift calls, where it is important to transport passengers rapidly, safely and without long waiting times. The use of destination control system presupposes a building traffic analysis* which calculates average travel time, intensity of use, number of users, etc.

How it works ?

By entering the desired destination, the Destination Control panel responds indicating which lift is going to operate the request. There are two options available, according to the traffic analysis of the building:

  • Buildings with high traffic density on the ground floor. The touch panel operating systems are only installed on the ground floor, whilst conventional landing operating panels are used on the other floors. The number of required touch panels depends on the number of lifts.
  • Buildings with high traffic density between multiple floors. The touch panel operating systems are installed on each floor. The destination information from the touch panel operating systems is dispatched to a central processor unit that communicates with each lift controller to efficiently distribute the landing calls.


  • Passenger comfort. The system guides passengers to the assigned lift, reduces the average waiting time and long-time waiting rate, contributing to less crowded lobbies.
  • Energy saving. Efficient system control leads to fewer unnecessary stops and reduces the building energy consumption.
  • Cost reduction. Operation efficiency improvement reduces the total number of lifts required.
  • Flexible configuration. The system adapts to the unique needs of each building. Its efficiency can be further optimized by the advanced functions’ parameterization.
  • High efficiency and safety. Integration of advanced dispatching technologies such as expert system, fuzzy logic, CAN bus and neural network ensures the elevators’ high efficiency and safety.


*KLEEMANN provides on request detailed traffic analysis for any type of building using the software 'ELEVATE'.

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