Earthquake Resistant


Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon. KLEEMANN, in order to ensure safety in a lift, developed an earthquake resistant lift. Such an application, the first in Europe, assures that any lift hydraulic or traction can be turned to an earthquake resistant lift just by adding a few extra features.

It is considered to be necessary not only for the public buildings but for every building, especially in countries which are known to have seismic activity.

The earthquake resistant elevator, exclusively by KLEEMANN, is equipped with the technology to detect the earthquake before its actual manifestation and transfer passengers safely to the next floor.

Earthquake Resistant Lift Basic Characteristics

  • Seismic sensor, which detects the primary (longitudinal) seismic waves up to 30 seconds before the actual development of the earthquake.
  • Upon activation of the seismic sensor, the controller is equipped with an automation that notifies the passengers via audible and visual signals and moves the car to the next floor to evacuate them safely.
  • Special armoring in vital parts of the earthquake resistant lift, which ensures its operation during the actual manifestation of the earthquake. This way, the possibility of the passengers' entrapment is minimized, as well as potential damages to the lift such as: loss of guide rails alignment, cabin and/or counterweight derailment, etc.
  • In compliance with EN 81-77 or ASME A17.1.
  • Option for upgrading lifts by partial installation.
  • Smooth operation, credibility and high aesthetics by KLEEMANN, makes us one of the leading lift manufacturers in Europe.

Why choose KLEEMANN?



Absolute safety for both installers and passengers



World class Design that lifts the aesthetics



Designing green solutions, respecting the world we live in



Rigorous quality control applied throughout the manufacturing procedure



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