Green Lifts


Green lifts are a current trend and a market driver. The reason is that as the population grows the energy demand is increasing respectively. Some estimate that buildings consume about 40% of the world's energy, and elevators contribute almost 2% to 10% to the building's energy use.

Eco-friendly options for a new construction take on different forms and technologies, such as: innovative hoist machines, machine-room-less (MRL) designs, destination software, and sustainable materials.

Traction MRL lifts introduced in mid-1990s was one of the biggest advance in elevator design. ΜRL elevators reduced significantly their energy consumption compared to hydraulic lifts. However, the evolution for green elevators doesn’t stop with reducing energy consumption.

KLEEMANN couldn’t be absent from this stepping forward procedure. With intensive efforts in design and technical solutions, it guarantees the eco-friendliness of its products.

Regeneration Drive

A regenerative drive system is a device that transmits a power distributed by a traction elevator, as the empty car travels upwards or the fully loaded car travels downwards, so that it can be reused by the building's power supply for other electrical systems. The KLEEMANN regeneration unit produces clean energy without causing disruptions to the network.

Stand By Mode

The Stand By Mode conserves the energy of the auxiliary electronic systems when the lift is not in use.

Energy Efficiency

Due to its energy saving features, all our product range is deemed A-class for its low energy consumption according to VDI 4707-1.

Led Lighting

Led lighting reduces energy consumption and lasts 20 times longer compared to standard lighting.

Why choose KLEEMANN?



Absolute safety for both installers and passengers



World class Design that lifts the aesthetics



Designing green solutions, respecting the world we live in



Rigorous quality control applied throughout the manufacturing procedure



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