Cabin Classic A510
Sophistication and intellectual design define the KLEEMANN Classic Athena A510 cabin. Available in a range of wooden walls and featuring elegant stainless steel detailing, such as the classic combination of polished oak veneer and stainless steel gold (Proposal 1), this cabin is ideal for commercial uses that demand a touch of finesse.


Cabin Classic A320
The KLEEMANN Classic Athena A320 cabin offers a cost-effective solution for a durable, long-term investment. The cabin’s functional design and the range of available materials make it the perfect choice for hospitals, hotels, industrial uses and home solutions, as well as apartment blocks, state buildings and institutions. Create the perfect ambience to blend with the aesthetic and purpose of your building, whether it is one of reflection (Proposal 3) or one of warmth (Proposal 2).


Cabin Classic A310
The KLEEMANN Classic Athena A310 cabin is one of the most popular choices for a practical but elegant lift solution. Combining multiple design tools, create a cabin to your own design specifications and take advantage of a wide range of laminate walls, floor and ceiling options. A great choice for residential uses and private residences, this cabin presents a versatile and cost-effective solution.

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Terms of Use