Future T710

Future T710

Wall: Paint Copper swift
Floor: Vinyl Concrete module
Handrail: K2
Ceiling: OLP1 Led panel
Mirror: Full height / Full width
COP: FPY-2000
Doors: 2T Paint Copper swift
LOP: AKL 101


Cabin Future T710 RAL 7032 Laminate 8096
The KLEEMANN T710 cabin fuses futuristic design with luxury to offer a truly exceptional passenger experience. The pioneering design, which features smooth lines and a curved ceiling and walls, welcomes the passenger to next-generation lift travel. The stylishly sleek cabin is the ideal choice for private residences, commercial buildings and hotels.


Cabin Future T310
Feel protected and safe in the spacious KLEEMANN T310 cabin. Featuring unique design that creates a feeling of space through inspiring, vivid colours and a curved ceiling and walls, the passenger experiences a sense of freedom during each and every ride. The spaciousness of this cabin makes it ideal for use in commercial buildings.


The exclusive design of the KLEEMANN T120 cabin offers the passenger comfort and style. The affordable design seamlessly fuses contemporary and futuristic elements to deliver a warm and inviting space, ideal for residential uses, home solutions and apartment blocks.


Cabin Future T110
Be inspired and captivated by the KLEEMANN T110 cabin and its vibrant colours, simple lines and minimalist effect. An excellent choice for residential and commercial uses, home solutions and a range of office buildings, the cabin’s futuristic lighting creates a sensational ambience, illuminating each and every journey.

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Terms of Use