Cabin Modern L310 (1) Inox Satin Rubber 6674
The KLEEMANN Modern Life L310 cabin offers durability, simplicity and value for money. An ideal choice for all type of buildings, the popularity of this cabin lies in its functional but elegant design. Offering a range of ceiling and lighting solutions and built to last, this cabin is sure to complement the aesthetic and purpose of a range of commercial buildings.


Cabin Modern L530 Inox Mirror Innox satin Laminate 8096
Versatility and simplicity define the KLEEMANN Modern Life L530 cabin. Suitable for both commercial and residential uses, this cabin is ideal for luxury private residences, commercial buildings and offices. Choose from a multitude of materials and finishes, from sumptuous interiors of stainless steel gold mirrors, to sleek contemporary spaces, and create a truly unique space.


Cabin Modern L510 Glass PS-BM15 Laminate 8096
Transform your building with an explosion of colour and immerse your passengers in an uplifting and playful environment. Featuring glass walls to create a clean, fresh space, the KLEEMANN Modern Life L510 cabin is recommended for residential and commercial uses, hospitals and hotels. Choose from a wide range of colours to create a passenger experience that complements the use and aesthetic of commercial and state buildings, institutes and clinics.


Cabin Modern L320 Skinplate PPS13 Elastic 6727
Integrating simplicity and elegance, the KLEEMANN Modern Life L320 cabin is an excellent choice for a range of residential and industrial uses, home solutions, hospitals, hotels and offices. Offering modest, functional and contemporary design alongside a wide range of materials and possibilities, this cabin provides a versatile and flexible solution for office buildings and institutions.

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