Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Pre-engineered or fully-customised elevators, to perfectly fit in each and every project. From a luxurious world-class hotel to a typical family residence, from a public building to a sports venue or from a local school to a complex hospital building.


Custom Solutions

At KLEEMANN we enjoy a favorable worldwide reputation for our customised design expertise.


We innovate to bring custom solutions

Browse some of our famous tailor-made projects here.

Custom Solutions

Enjoying a favourable worldwide reputation for expertise in special projects, KLEEMANN offers pre-engineered or fully-customised elevators, to perfectly fit in each and every project. KLEEMANN responds reliably, quickly, precisely, and cost effectively to any specifications, as result of an acquired experience on demanding projects.

The versatility of KLEEMANN Design enables us to meet every prerequisite and overcome any obstacle, limitation or time restriction. KLEEMANN focuses in safety and ensures that any adaptations strictly comply with the industry standards and regulations.

From a luxurious world-class hotel to a typical family residence, from a public building to a sports venue or from a local school to a complex hospital building, KLEEMANN brings the right solution.

Besides a comprehensive range of standardised lifts, KLEEMANN can offer custom made lift solutions suitable for any special solution. Towards this direction we assist our customers to define their accurately vertical transportation needs and we design and manufacture following in detail the agreed specifications.

Among our most popular lift solutions are vandal resistant lifts, firefighter’s lifts, earthquake lifts, super sized hydraulic (up to 20tn rated load) and traction lifts, special panoramic lifts, car lifts (rotated platform is an option too) and scissor lifts.

Latest KLEEMANN custom solutions include a traction MRL lift with a rated load of 6 tn, a double piston indirect acting hydraulic lift with a pit of 100 mm and a round shaped panoramic hydraulic lift.

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In this luxury private Villa in Switzerland, KLEEMANN has installed a Carlift with double piston and rated load 4.800 kg. Our company has offered numerous standard and customised solutions in luxury houses and villas in Switzerland.

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Because we provide the best possible choice of elevator for any kind of project, regardless of the complexity and possible restrictions. We manufacture efficient, safe and easy to install elevators for every use and every kind of building.

Building owners

Because we customise our products in order to meet up to the requirements of any project, in the most efficient and reliable way, within tight timeframes and according to the project's budget.


Because we design elevators of higher aesthetics, so as to upgrade the building's ambience, fully customised to the projects requirements, leveraging the available space and investing in a unique design



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To actively stand by our customers, is our passion. Everything is possible with the right people to support you.

Quality Assurance

100% Quality Control

We control every step of the production procedure. Our unique control system safeguards the quality of our products and keeps efficiency and innovation in high levels.


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