maison200 h

Maison200 H

A hydraulic homelift that offers a wide range of design options

Maison200 H Lift for Home Solutions

Maison200 H is a hydraulic solution with a rated load of up to 630kg that that can be easily adapted to any architectural need and design, even for special and challenging projects. With a focus on spatial efficiency and reliability, Maison200 H delivers a pleasant ride experience by effectively isolating noise and eliminating vibrations during movement.

This elegant and above all truly convenient lift allows the perfect fitting in any building, existing or new, since it is available also with aluminum shaft. Maison200 H not only prioritizes exceptional quality but also boasts easy and quick installation, making it a standout product in its category. Emphasizing flexibility, it presents a wide range of cabin types and interior materials to perfectly complement your aesthetic preferences.

Experience quality and versatility with Maison200 H, the ideal homelift solution for your architectural aspirations.

maison h axonometric

Optimum use of space

Maison200 H for Home Solutions maximizes the efficient use of space by allowing the installation of a larger car within a standard shaft.

Exceptional ride quality

Maison200 H combines premium construction quality and exceptional ride comfort. Low noise levels and minimal vibrations ensure a smooth and pleasant passenger experience.

Customizable design options

Maison200 H Homelift offers a wide range of cabin types and interior materials, allowing you to create a unique ambience tailored to your requirements.

Self-supported shaft

Maison200 H is available with an aluminum construction option, allowing it to be self-supported or fitted onto a wall when a concrete shaft is not available.

Ease of installation

Designed with ease of installation and use in mind, Maison200 H simplifies the installation process. Its spatial efficiency ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding area during installation.

Certified product

Maison200 H complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC requirements and holds an EC Type Examination Certificate.

Maison200 H
Rated Load (Kg)
Up to 630
Max Travel (m)
Max Travel - Stops
Max Speed (m/s)
0,15* - 0,3**
Min Pit Depth (mm)
100* - 150**
Min Headroom (mm)
2450* - 2600**
Maximum car entrances
Power supply
Single phase or three phase
Complies with
* Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC ** AS1735.18

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