Elevator MaisonLIFT Basic for Home Solutions

MaisonLIFT Basic

A value for money hydraulic solution with minimum space requirements

MaisonLIFT Basic for Home Solutions

Ideal for comfort and ease. MaisonLIFT Basic, designed and manufactured according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, meets any need for transportation and mobility. A value for money solution that provides access inside or outside a multi-storey residence and guarantees safety and style. With only 80mm minimum pit depth required, this indirect acting hydraulic solution is fully applicable to buildings without concrete shaft and with shaft pit and headroom limitations.

MaisonLIFT Basic is the ideal solution for low pit and headroom shafts and it is available with aluminium shaft construction.

Maison LIFT Basic axonometric

Mix & match design
Mix & match all available materials offered by KLEEMANN standard range or create a product featuring your own floor and wall finishes that perfectly fits your space and meets your requirements.

Optimum use of space
With only 80mm minimum pit depth required, MaisonLIFT Basic offers optimum space efficiency by providing the opportunity of installing larger car in a standard shaft.

Self-supported shaft
MaisonLIFT Basic is offered with aluminum construction, self-supported or fitted on to the wall, where concrete shaft is not available.

Safe door closing
MaisonLIFT Basic is equipped with light curtains to provide additional safety and protection to the passenger when the car doors are closing.

Certified product
MaisonLIFT Basic fulfills the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and holds an EC Type Examination Certificate.

Fast delivery
KLEEMANN provides record fast delivery for standard orders.

MaisonLIFT Basic
Rated Load (Kg)
Machine Room
with controller cabinet
Max Travel (m)
Max Number of Stops
Max Speed (m/s)
Min Pit Depth (mm)
Min Headroom (mm)
Complies with
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Elevator Features

Magic mirror

The Magic Mirror is an LCD display, which is functioning as a normal display while it is activated and as a full mirror while it is deactivated. The surface glass/mirror is constructed to be combined with the LCD display and it complies with the necessary surface, hardness and tension requirements.


Virtual Window

Virtual Window winGage by DigiGage is one of the world’s first immersive architecture & experience design elevator products. The display adapts the viewer’s point of view in real time, according to the elevator’s movement.

Extra Features

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