Atlas L for Hotels

Atlas L

The best option for panoramic lifts with a range of customisable design solutions

Atlas L for Hotels

Atlas L is the ideal traction MRL solution for hotels. Serving rated loads of up to 1000kg, Atlas L features a range of customisable design solutions and is highly recommended for panoramic lifts.

Specifically designed to support the installation of up to three cabin doors, Atlas L is built to high technical specifications and is an excellent choice when a cantilever car frame is required.


Elevator Atlas L axonometric

World class design
A wide range of cabin types and operating panels has been specifically created for KLEEMANN by the industrial designer Andreas Zapatinas.

Emergency evacuation
In the unlikely event of power failure, the emergency evacuation system ensures the safe transportation of passengers to the nearest floor where the doors automatically open as to allow the car exit.

Energy saving product which reduces CO2 emission up to 60% using a regeneration drive, stand-by-mode and led lighting.

Fast delivery
KLEEMANN provides record fast delivery for standard orders.

Atlas L
Rated Load (Kg)
Machine Room
Max Travel (m)
Max Number of Stops
Max Speed (m/s)
Min Pit Depth (mm)
v≤1.0 m/s 1200
Min Headroom (mm)
v≤1.0 m/s 3850
Complies with
Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU
Elevator Features

Anti-Vandal Lifts

Elevators in public places are often subject of abuse and attempts are often made to damage both their interior (COPs, Mirror, etc.) and their exterior (landing doors, LOPs etc.).


Destination Control System

The Destination Control System is an additional system which increases the efficiency of the lift operation and reduces waiting times.


Earthquake Resistant

Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon. KLEEMANN, in order to ensure safety in a lift, developed an earthquake resistant lift. Such an application, the first in Europe, assures that any lift hydraulic or traction can be turned to an earthquake resistant lift just by adding a few extra features.



Firefighting is a type of elevator which allows firefighters to use it in order to rescue people who may be trapped on upper floors during an event of fire in a building.


Green Lifts

Green lifts are a current trend and a market driver. The reason is that as the population grows the energy demand is increasing respectively. Some estimate that buildings consume about 40% of the world's energy, and elevators contribute almost 2% to 10% to the building's energy use.


Magic mirror

The Magic Mirror is an LCD display, which is functioning as a normal display while it is activated and as a full mirror while it is deactivated. The surface glass/mirror is constructed to be combined with the LCD display and it complies with the necessary surface, hardness and tension requirements.



Talk2lift is the first elevator voice control system worldwide.
It enables passengers to control the lift by pronouncing the floor number or any other related information (house owner’s name, profession, sector/area etc.). The system also supports multilingual operation.


Virtual Window

Virtual Window winGage by DigiGage is one of the world’s first immersive architecture & experience design elevator products. The display adapts the viewer’s point of view in real time, according to the elevator’s movement.

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