Industrial Elevators

KLEEMANN industrial lifts offer durability, assured reliability and long service life. 
Choose between Atlas Gigas, Atlas Super Gigas and Compact for the ideal solution for manufacturing facilities, warehouses and factories operating vertical transportation of freight with large rated loads.

Our industrial lifts are designed to enhance the functionality of all types of industrial establishments, and our wealth of technical know-how ensures high technological performance. Energy and space efficiency, quality and dependability are guaranteed.

All KLEEMANN lifts are legislation compliant and adhere to the strictest safety standards. Quick and easy installation limits disruption to manufacturing operations, and 24-hour technical support provides round-the-clock reassurance.

Freight Hydraulic

Freight Hydraulic

A powerful hydraulic solution for freight transportation up to 10.000kg

Atlas Super Gigas for Industrial Buildings

Atlas Super Gigas

A traction solution for freight transportation up to 5000kg, fully exploiting the shaft space

Atlas Gigas R for Industrial Buildings

Atlas Gigas R

A robust and reliable solution for freight transportation of rated loads up to 2500kg

Compact for Industrial Buildings


Hydraulic hoisting lift for freight, designed primarily for industrial facilities and warehouses


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