Freight Hydraulic

Freight Hydraulic

A powerful hydraulic solution for freight transportation up to 10.000kg

Hydraulic Freight

KLEEMANN hydraulic freight lifts combine maximum durability and high operating reliability. Their flexible design and manufacturing process provide them with the unique capability to be customized according to the building's requirements. They can handle any load up to 10.000kg which makes them the perfect solution for applications in industrial buildings, plants, warehouses, super markets etc.

hydraulic freight elevator axonometric

Safety features

Pin devices are available as an option to avoid submersion during loading.


Customized solution

Engineering and design that responds reliably, quickly and precisely to any specifications that provides fully customized elevators, to perfectly fit in each and every project.


Spatial efficiency

Optimum space efficiency by adapting the pit depth and headroom to the requirements of each specific project.

Hydraulic Freight
Rated Load (Kg)
1:1 , 2:1
Machine Room
Max Travel (m)
Max Number of Stops
Max Speed (m/s)
0,5 (depending on the max load)
Min Pit Depth (mm)
Min Headroom (mm)
Maximum car entrances
Complies with
Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU
Elevator Features

Anti-Vandal Lifts

Elevators in public places are often subject of abuse and attempts are often made to damage both their interior (COPs, Mirror, etc.) and their exterior (landing doors, LOPs etc.).


Earthquake Resistant

Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon. KLEEMANN, in order to ensure safety in a lift, developed an earthquake resistant lift. Such an application, the first in Europe, assures that any lift hydraulic or traction can be turned to an earthquake resistant lift just by adding a few extra features.

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