Residential Elevators

KLEEMANN residential lifts are the hassle-free answer to your passenger mobility needs. Working with your project limitations, our lifts fit seamlessly into both new and existing buildings, overcoming pre-existing obstacles such as shaft pit and headroom limitations through solution-oriented, personalised design. Cost-effective construction guarantees low energy consumption, and a range of eco-friendly with modernisation options lowering furtherly costs while meeting your needs.

KLEEMANN offers complete passenger lift systems. A variety of versatile models easily adaptable with attractive designs and suitable for every use within multiple spaces and for multiple budgets.

Combining first-rate design and exceptional ride quality alongside guaranteed safety, reliability and customer support, KLEEMANN’s residential selection offers a range of state-of-the-art lifts that deliver both stunning aesthetic and complete customer satisfaction.

Elevator Atlas Basic

Atlas Basic

A cost-effective solution that fulfills your vertical transportation needs



An eco-friendly solution which offers flexibility in both lift dimensions and machine room location

Atlas RPH for Residential Buildings

Atlas RPH R

A practical solution for buildings with pit and headroom limitations


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