Elevator Hygiene Line Solutions

KLEEMANN presents a complete series of hygiene products that safeguard the passengers’ health inside the lift and on the moving walk. The KLEEMANN hygiene line solutions was created to maximize hygiene safety, includes:

The KLEEMANN cabin with antimicrobial protection
The Elevator Air Purifier
The antibacterial & touchless buttons
The handrail sterilizers solutions

KLEEMANN Cabin with antimicrobial protection

Cabin with antimicrobial protection

When copper…wins gold in terms of protection!

Elevator Air Purifier

Elevator Air Purifier

A solution for pure uncontaminated air in the cabin,
clean of bacteria & viruses

antibacterial buttons

Antibacterial & touchless buttons

Solutions for touch-safe or touch-free lift operation

Handrail Sterilizers Solutions

Handrail Sterilizers Solutions

Safety on escalators


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