Modernisation Solutions

KLEEMANN provides an array of customised and compatible Modernisation Services for the renewal of lifts, ranging from component upgrades and replacements through to full or partial modernisation and special solutions. Renowned for quality and flexibility, our range of customised MOD Kits offer multiple modernisation solutions. MOD Kit components can also be selected separately depending on the unique requirements of each project.

The KLEEMANN Modernisation Services department is staffed by highly experienced design and modernisation specialists who will guide you every step of the way, whether your project requires additional safety features, improved efficiency or an aesthetic make-over.

A wide international network of suppliers ensures speed and efficiency and cost saving whilst enabling MOD kits to be tailored to each specific project.  

Mod kits are designed in order to add up reliable features to the lift, surpassing obsolete technology or lack of detailed norms.

  • A3 kit stops car movement with unlocked landing door (safety)
  • EN81-21 kit eliminates danger from low pit depth / headroom (safety)
  • Conversion of acting enables the use of a gearless machine (efficiency)
  • Transportation Hydro to traction (efficiency)
  • VVVF in hydro (efficiency)