Maison 100 E

Maison100 H

A value for money hydraulic solution with minimum space requirements

Maison100 H for Home Solutions

Ideal for comfort and ease, Maison100 H, designed and manufactured according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, meets any need for transportation and mobility.  A value for money solution that provides access inside or outside a multi-storey private residence and guarantees safety and style. Its very low energy consumption (lower than a kitchen oven) in conjunction with the cabin design makes Maison100 H the ideal value for money choice for any home. With 100mm minimum pit depth and 2400mm headroom required, this indirect acting hydraulic solution is perfectly suitable to buildings with or without concrete shaft and with shaft pit and headroom limitations.

Maison100 H is the ideal solution for low pit and headroom shafts and it is also available with aluminium shaft construction.

Maison100 H Axonometric

Optimum use of space
The pit and headroom requirements are among the most competitive in the market for enclosed cabin platform lifts. Maison100
Η for Home Solutions offers optimum space efficiency by providing the opportunity of installing larger car in a standard shaft. 

Plug n’ play solution
Prewired shaft wiring and single phase power supply

Unique cabin design
Specifically designed for the needs of the homelift market, the new cabin ensures ease of installation and facilitates the maintenance procedure. The lighting color may be easily altered to any RGB
colour, creating an outstanding ambience inside the cabin.

Premium ride quality
With the new controller
Genius 20 which is equipped with tape head system for precise floor leveling and a 2speed hydraulic valve, Maison100 H has a premium ride quality

Certified product
Maison100 H fulfills the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and holds an EC Type Examination Certificate.

Технические характеристики
Maison100 H
Номинальная нагрузка (Кг)
Up to 385
Макс. Высота подъема (м)
Макс. число остановок
Макс. скорость (м/с)
Минимальная глубина приямка (мм)
Минимальная высота последнего этажа (мм)
Максимальное количество входов в кабину
Соответствует требованиям
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

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