Are you an installer?

We value the customer as we value our people. We share a passion for people and we constantly work to become better, thus improving our service and support to you.

Are you an installer?

KLEEMANN prides of the stable and long-term relationships with its customers. Having developed a corporate culture that remains intact all around the world, the company focuses on building strong bonds, maintaining excellent relations, keeping unceasing contact with the customer and continuously improving to provide effective solutions, ease of communication and personalised services.

Why choose KLEEMANN?

Because we know what you want. Having been working for more than 30 years with installers, we have accumulated a deep knowledge of your needs. We have been investing in becoming a reliable and sustainable partner that makes your work as stress –free and effortless as possible.

At KLEEMANN we are fast and we are flexible. We have created a functional structure that includes lean production, documented processes and an effective logistics infrastructure to be able to respond in time to any project, ensuring record fast delivery for standard products.

We value the customer as we value our people. We share a passion for people and we constantly work to become better, thus improving our service and support to you. Our training programs focus on our breakthrough culture that keeps us evolving and exceeding ourselves. Our people are highly trained in technical issues and may respond to any project’s special specifications or after sales issue quickly and effectively, 24/7. To upgrade your experience KLEEMANN has developed an array of tools to enhance safety, ease of installation, time consistency and high quality.

KLEEMANN has built on a long experience in technical issues, even for the most challenging projects. We train your teams and we offer local support whenever needed. With the widest product range in the world, an expertise in special projects and a world class design that goes beyond common, KLEEMANN has created the right solutions that match your needs in any case.

KLEEMANN has contributed to a rich list of projects around the world that shows the breadth and depth of our work.

Facilities of 140.000 m²

Manufacturing facilities in Greece, Serbia and China

Selected Projects

Robinson Elevator

Robinson Club Ierapetra

Located in the country’s southernmost corner, at Ierapetra, Crete, the Robinson Club has been an attraction for visitors seeking an ideal holiday destination in Greece since its very first season of operation.

Beacon Tower

Beacon Tower

It is one of Bristol's most important landmarks and one of the tallest buildings in the city. Its construction began in 1961 but was not completed until 1973. The 63-meter-high building houses offices and commercial space on its 15 floors.

Enorme Santanna Beach Elevator

Enorme Santanna Beach

In Ierapetra, on the eastern side of Crete, a luxury 4-star property offers exceptional hospitality with magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Domino Elevator


A special category of high-standard transportation spaces includes those that require minimal waiting time combined with a high passenger flow. For Domino's facilities, the Atlas Gigas R elevator was selected.

Why choose KLEEMANN?



Absolute safety for both installers and passengers



World class Design that lifts the aesthetics



Designing green solutions, respecting the world we live in



Rigorous quality control applied throughout the manufacturing procedure



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