Access the KLEEMANN Portal and experience the new hassle free way to obtain your offer and online order in minimum time.


KLEEMANN Portal has been designed and developed with our customers’ needs in mind. The innovative online tool enables all users to quickly and effortlessly create and receive detailed designs and quotes and order their lift online tailored to each project. Simply enter the dimensions of your existing lift shaft to generate accurate and realistic 3-D plans and views.

KLEEMANN has updated the ordering process by offering a direct link between the customers and the Production Department for an engineered-to-order (ETO) product.

Access KLEEMANN Portal from your desktop, tablet or mobile device to preview cabin designs, options and quotes. A unique advantage of KLEEMANN's Portal is the live offers you can get and online order for our most popular lift solutions. You can also navigate your offers’ history to retrieve and download the details of previous offers and quotes, request the creation of new drawings and plans and check your order status. 

Contact your sales engineer to get access to the portal.


  • Detailed designs and quotes
  • Integrated cabin design options / Real time changes
  • Optimum solutions for the given dimensions of the shaft
  • Realistic 3-D plans and views / Real-time changes
  • Auto correction
  • Installation plans generated by the KLEEMANN portal
  • Responsive web design


  1. Offer available in 5 minutes
  2. Planning data available in 10 minutes
  3. Online order
  4. Ease of use and flexibility





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Terms of Use
Terms of Use