Offices of VIESSMANN

At the enterprise in the Lipetsk region gas-fired low-pressure boilers for industrial and industrial use are produced - Vitomax 200-LW (type M62C) with a capacity of 0,65-6,75 MW and Vitomax 100-LW (type M148) with a capacity of 2.3-6 MW .

All products are manufactured on the European equipment of the new generation: plasma cutters, rollers, machines for automatic submerged arc welding, etc. The lines are equipped with computerized control and are controlled by a single dispatch system. The quality of the produced boilers is confirmed by the certificate of compliance issued by the VNIINMASH certification body on the basis of five ultrasonic tests, testing of technical conditions, operating manuals, technological charts and boiler materials.

The Viessmann project team from Mittenwalde worked on the equipment of the plant, the control of production processes and the quality of the equipment from the beginning of the construction. "Our task is to provide the Russian plant with the same high level as the German production facilities of Viessmann, and the production of the same reliable and high-tech boilers as the plants in Germany. We use predominantly German equipment at the enterprise, introduced quality control according to Viessmann standards. All employees of the plant - both technical specialists and administrative personnel - were trained in Germany, "comments Frank Hyun, project team leader, quality director of the Viessmann plant in Mittenwald."


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