KLEEMANN Design Trends 2020

We design inspired by real people, buildings, images, experiences

KLEEMANN Design Trends 2020



It will only take you a minute to inspire you.


We design inspired by real people, buildings, images, experiences, to create lifts that incorporate current trends and styles that people can identify with.
Pop, urban, hipster...

The outcome is unique, expressive and modern, with lifts that combine a fresh stylistic personality together with top notch technology and function.





Trends 2020-01

TRENDS 2020-01

Mortar texture panel

Trends 2020-02

TRENDS 2020-02

Combination of printed
and mortar texture panel

Trends 2020-03

TRENDS 2020-03

Printed panels

Trends 2020-04

TRENDS 2020-04

Printed panels

Trends 2020-05

TRENDS 2020-05

Combination of laser cut
and mortar textures

Trends 2020-06

TRENDS 2020-06

of wood texture panel




Kleemann Trends 2020

Customise your lift

You too can customise your lift according to the TRENDS 2020 inspiring prototypes.
Check the ideas of mixing textures and materials to express an aesthetic style.Create lifts with character and emotional value to users. Get this personality combined with top-notch technology and function.
Beginning of production by the end of 2019
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